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Some potential good news for people with diseases in the gut like Chron’s and even colon cancer.

Research out of England has identified a protein that is regulated by a process called autophagy… where cells break down and recycle harmful elements within themselves to keep the body healthy.  This process causes tissue inflammation when dysfunctional which could leave a person susceptible to diseases, particularly in the gut.  But the research also found that compounds in certain fruits and vegetables like pomegranates, red grapes, green peas and mushrooms, can activate autophagy helping to prevent inflammation and gut diseases.

The lead author said understanding the mechanisms of autophagy can also help lead to other interventions to help prevent inflammation.

Many couples have trouble getting pregnant… just one of the reasons is women that have polycystic ovary syndrome.  It affects about 5 to 10 percent of women of reproductive age and can lead to other complications down the road if not treated.

But a study out of Pennsylvania is revealing that vitamin D may play a role.  The study showed that women with PCOS who were also vitamin d deficient when starting fertility treatments, were 40 percent less likely to achieve pregnancy.  The authors said the most significant finding is that vitamin d deficiency seemed to only affect women with PCOS.  There didn’t seem to be a link to vitamin d deficiency in women who had unexplained infertility.

The author said more research is still needed to determine which patients with infertility would benefit from vitamin d screening.

People have tried to reverse aging for centuries… now research out of England is finding a way to turn back the clock… at least at the cellular level.

Researchers applied compounds called resveratrol analogues to cells in a culture dish.  Those compounds are based on the same resveratrol found in red wine, red grapes and blueberries.  The chemicals caused splicing factors to be switched back on… and within hours, the cells looked younger and started dividing like younger cells.  The findings might not be the fountain of youth just yet… but they might lead to helping improve aging and without some of the degenerative effects of old age.

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Learn about new research that could potentially help people with gut diseases like Chron's and even colon cancer. Also learn what vitamin could help certain people with fertility issues and why aging might be slowing down after recent discoveries.

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