Too Tired for Sex? This Could Be Why!

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Dr. Bob DeMaria: Hello, this is doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.  And today we're going to talk about something that's very personal to each and every one of you adults.  It's about passion, your libido, your desire for intimacy.  You know, it's quite interesting, when I first started to practice in the 1970's, I never thought I'd be talking to people around the world about having the desire to be intimate with their mate.  And part of the challenge with what's going on today is our bodies are exhausted. I think one of the leading causes for the lack of desire to have intimacy is we do too much.  Our adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are a pair of glands that are located on top of your kidneys.  They make hormones to absorb minerals so your back does not go out easy, they make hormones so your body can handle blood sugar stress. But they also make androgens, or sex related hormones.

So what causes your adrenal glands to become exhausted?  You go to bed late, you wake up early, you're probably eating refined foods like sugar.  See, sugar stresses your adrenal glands.  I know most of you watching me right now maybe have a passionate addiction for sugar.  Chromium has been promoted to help take away the desire for sweets.  You can say 'what does that have to do with my desire for intimacy'?  You want optimal functioning adrenal glands.  Pantothenic acid will help promote the, help and assistance for optimal adrenal gland function.  And so would vitamin C, whether they be from red, yellow or orange bell peppers, or from vitamin C itself.  It's all about promoting adrenal gland function.  That's probably the single most important criteria that each and every one of you, regardless of your age, could follow.

Now this happens to be a shower dechlorinator.  When you take a shower, or you took a shower this morning in a four by five gas, I mean glass chamber, you're breathing in chlorine gas unless you have a shower dechlorinator.  The challenge with chlorine is, is that chlorine is antagonistic to iodine.  Iodine is a part of your whole metabolism in your body, especially for you females.  

I have found, and research has revealed that nearly 20 percent of the American population is depressed.  And people who are depressed don't want to participate with intimate, intimacy or intimate behavior with their mate.  

So a couple of action steps, first, have someone take your blood pressure from a sit to a stand position.  If your blood pressure drops from a sit to a stand position, that's a body signal to me that your adrenal gland is not up to par.  Something that's really simple that you can do in the comfort of your own home, is get a thermometer, shake it down, put it in your armpit for ten minutes when you first wake up in the morning.  Or if you have a battery operated one, you can put that in your arm pit also.  Your temperature for your axillary should be 97.8.  Your blood pressure should be 120 over 80, your arm pit temperature should be 97.8.  

So tip number one, make sure your adrenals are working well.  Tip number two, make sure your thyroid is working well.  Tip number three, get to bed by ten o'clock at night, because you want to have a long sleep.  That helps support adrenal gland function.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, The Drugless Doctor.


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses a common problem for people as they get older. We're all busy, but there could be other reasons you're too tired for intimacy. Find out what those are and how to treat them with some simple steps!

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