Vaccine's Connection to Autism

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Scott: There's been so many people that try to tie those large amount of vaccine in children to autism. Do we know if there's still any link there at all?

Prof Garth Nicolson:  Well it's hard to establish a link for the following reason: as I mentioned, if the problem is caused by multiple vaccines given in an inappropriate way, inappropriate schedule, which can in general suppress your immunity, then this could be the problem. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Prof Garth Nicolson: So it's not necessarily the individual vaccine because if the individual vaccine is tested- they are, they're tested extensively, but they're tested separately from all the other vaccines. They have to come up with a very good safety record in order to be released. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Prof Garth Nicolson: But the problem is that's not how they're being used. They're not being used as single vaccines, they're being used as a cocktail of vaccines. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Prof Garth Nicolson: And that hasn't been studied, in the effects of a cocktail vaccine where you're truncating the schedule and trying to put more and more vaccines together, that really hasn't been studied I think, carefully enough, particularly in children. Now, what have we found in children? When we've examined autism spectrum disorders, we've found that the majority of these children have chronic infections like micoplasma, chlamydia, HHV6 and so on and so forth. How do they get these? Well, we don't know because many of these are airborne infections so they could get them as contaminants in the vaccine, they could get them from sources at school and so on. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Prof Garth Nicolson:  Well normally, this shouldn't cause a problem, normally children are resilient enough, their immune systems are good enough, they'll overcome something like this. Many children go through childhood illnesses all the time, and they recover all the time. But what happens if you're given all these different immunizations and your immune system is suppressed and some of these more insidious infections like micoplasma can then  take hold and get inside your cells and get in the central nervous system for example and then start causing behavioral problems, developmental problems, and so on and so forth. So this is something that we have to look at, I think much more carefully.
Any possible connection continues to be a topic of debate. Professor Garth Nicolson discusses this issue and states that it may not be the vaccines themselves, but when and how many they're given instead.

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