Is This Vegetable An Answer to Cancer?

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Broccoli has long been known to have beneficial health and even beneficial cancer properties… but not there is more evidence of the latter…

Researchers in Singapore have used a mixture of bacteria and vegetables to seek out and kill target colorectal cancer cells.  The team engineered a common bacteria found in the gut and turned it into a probiotic that when attached to colorectal cancer cells… would help a substance found in cruciferous vegetables… like broccoli into an anti-cancer agent.

The group has seen plenty of success in the lab… the probiotic with broccoli extract killed more than 95 percent of colorectal cancer cells in a dish… and reduced tumor numbers by 75 percent in mice.  

The hope is that down the road… colorectal cancer patients may be able to take these probiotics along with eating broccoli to help prevent the cancer or reduce recurrence.

What’s the difference between a bacterial infection and eating a lot of fast food?  Maybe not much according to a recent study.

The research team out of Germany fed mice a high fat, high sugar and low fiber diet… similar to a fast food or what’s called the ‘Western Diet’.  The animals developed a strong inflammatory response thought the body… similar to a bacteria infection.  

The diet led to an unexpected increase in immune cells in the blood… meaning fast food can cause the body to quickly generate a response to a potential invader.

When the mice were fed their typical diet for four weeks… the acute inflammation disappeared… but many of the genes that had been switched on during the fast food diet were still active.

Finally… a common pain reliever is showing some surprising effects when taken by pregnant women.

A study out of New York, found an elevated rate of language delay in girls that were born to mothers who used acetaminophen during pregnancy.  In the study… girls born to mothers who took acetaminophen more than six times in early pregnancy were nearly six times more likely to have language delay than girls born to mothers who did not take acetaminophen.  

There was no significant decrease for boys in the study… the study’s author said language development has shown to be predictive of neurodevelopment problems in children.

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This week, learn about research that is using a common vegetable to help fight one of the most common forms of cancer. Also learn about a connection to a common pain reliever and pregnant women. And we know a fast food diet isn't healthy, but learn what researchers are finding out about just what it does to your body!

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