We Know GMOs Are Already Causing These Health Conditions!

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Scott: When it comes to genetically-modified foods, do we know the potential dangers to our bodies? We haven't been through more than one generation. I know they're being tested on lab animals and things like that, but do we know the potential two or three generations down the road?

Jeffrey Smith: When the American Academy of Environmental Medicine evaluated the animal feeding studies on GMOs, they found that there was clear causal evidence linking the GM feed to reproductive disorders, immune system problems, accelerated aging, organ damage, gastro-intestinal problems, and dysfunction of regulation of cholesterol and insulin. They urged all doctors to prescribe non-GMO diets to all patients. Now we have thousands of doctors doing just that, and they're reporting that their patients are getting better along these same categories of diseases. 

So when I speak, as I did today and several times this past week, I ask them how many of you are endeavoring to remove GMOs from your diet?" Many hands go up. I say, "Okay. How many of you are noticing improvements in your health as a result?" Nearly every hand goes up again. They report immune system problems, like asthma, allergies, and auto-immune disease, get better or go away. Digestive problems, the same thing. Reproductive problems, headaches, lethargy, mental problems; it's across the board. 

Every time I speak, the same categories come up. Now, when individuals get rid of GMOs, they have to buy organic, or they have to switch out to non-processed food, because it's not labeled. When the livestock are taken off of GM soy or corn, and given non-GM soy or corn instead, there's no co-factors. It's just that one change, and they're getting better along the lines. 

As humans report an elimination of irritable bowel, the pigs no longer have diarrhea. The humans get rid of the ulcers, so do the pigs. Human's immune system strengthens, the use of antibiotic medicine goes down, and in the animals. It's a dramatic, and sometimes within two or three days, a dramatic result with these animals that switch out GMOs from their diet.

I hear this from both the farmers and the veterinarians, and even pet owners. If you look at the same disorders and diseases then, that are describes as afflicting the lab animals fed GMOs, that are getting better in humans and livestock when you get rid of GMOs, the same problems are on the rise in the US population since GMOs were introduced.


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Genetically modified foods haven't been that long, relatively speaking. Do we really know the potential health effects after another generation or two is exposed to them? Jeffrey Smith says we're already seeing health issues that are being caused by GMOs. And we're seeing people reduce or eliminate these issues by taking out the GMNs. Learn how we know GMOs are already causing these health conditions!

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