We're Getting Drugged to Death and Don't Realize it!

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Interviewer: When you and I were growing up, I'd never heard of ADD, ADHD. Even now depression anxiety are a lot more prevalentI guess for lack of a better word . . .

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.: Right.

Interviewer: . . .  than they were 20, 30years ago. Is that because things are better diagnosed now? Or do we . . .

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.: I love that, yeah.We could see 'em now. We couldn't see 'em before.

Interviewer:  Yeah, I mean why is that?

Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.: Yeah, I mean that's why there's antibiotic resistant strains of microbes because we could diagnose it better. Not because the antibiotics created them. You know, this is the kind of absurdity about this literally we are poisoning ourselves into mass deficiency diseases and none of these as I say, like you mention ADHD. It's nota Ritalin deficiency but, we hand out Ritalin like it is.

And the school systems get kick backs they get money for kids that are put on it. These things are horrific that occur on the local level so you see almost guidance counselors saying hey this kid should be on Ritalin, ya know? Do they have prescription ability? No, but this it happens, this is what happens. And we don't look to nutrition at all in this case.

So yeah, all of these diseases that were rare if non-existent are common- place. Honestly as a parent I say if your kid doesn't have some level of attention deficit he's not a kid. Were not supposed to sit in the chair 24,  whatever it is everyday. There's got to be levels of activity and interaction within a learning environment so the learning environment maybe unhealthy and stimulating more of this, oh we cant have little Johnny or little Susie doing something outside the box here' so what do we do? Just likeGeorge Orwell's 1984 or Aldo Huxley's Soma, of A Brave New World, we'll drug them into compliance. It's horrific.

I think about this and so much of where these kids are growing up and where they learn to take drugs because parents are taking the drug. You get a headache what do you do? You take an aspirin. You don't think kids make two and two together on that and say, oh, mommy's got a pain. They took a drug and it's not too far reached to go into high school and say you feel this you wanna feel good, you take a drug.

Now, back when i was in high school, kids actually utilized illicit drugs, right, like marijuana or other things. Now they're abusing FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs. Hollywood stars, they're not dying from illicit street drugs, they're dying from using prescription drugs.Michael Jackson. Who was that guy that starred in Batman? That young actor a couple years back. I mean he was a bright young actor, Heath Ledger died of FDA approved drugs.

And so all of these diseases are due to things that are very widely and commonly known among anybody that works naturally and understand that nutrients matter. But the medical industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, Dick Durbin,the rest of the people inCongress, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, have been corrupted by big pharma to the degree that they can't allow this freedom to come back in to heal, the freedom to heal.

A weakened population by drugs is much more malleable,easier to control and that is something unfortunately we got to recognize.Even though we live in an American system of governance that was a republic government that was supposed to be constrained by a Constitution. Our founding fathers warned us what would happen, and it indeed what has happened, going back to Benjamin Rush who signed the Declaration of Independence. He was a medical doctor, physician to George Washington. He was very prophetic when he said we must put medical freedom into the Constitution. A time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of man, and to deny equal privileges to all others. Now, I would say healing is not a privilege, it's a right. But,a right is not something i can oppose upon you.

If you're a doctor, Scott I can't go 'Scott, you have to give me medical care.' Right? That's violating your rights. But a right meaning to access to have knowledge and awareness of and to chose methods that are not approved by government and that is what Rush warned us about (Benjamin Rush) and that's what were living in.

Were having to roll back if it is at all possible, but the economics, the fiat money system, that may be the way it happened with the collapse of the economy. If you eat junk food, like Twinkies everyday, empty calories. Calories devoid of nutrients and minerals. That's what we've done to our monetary system with the Federal Reserve. We basically have Federal Reserve paper dollars, they're not real dollars. They carry no gold, no sil-, no nut, no substance. And in that way we've destroyed our economy by that same way were destroying our health. All be it in different realms- economics versus, you know, nutrients. But it's the same principles that apply.


Robert Scott Bell talks about the increase in conditions like ADD and ADHD and how they go hand-in-hand with the increased use of prescription drugs. He also discusses the increased abuse of prescription drugs over the last decade plus.
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