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An interesting study out of California might make you think about which oils to use in your cooking…

The study tested a GMO soybean oil commonly used in restaurants and similar in composition to olive oil… along with a conventional soybean oil and coconut oil.  They found that all three oils raised cholesterol levels in the liver and blood… which the lead scientist said dispelled the myth that soybean oil reduces cholesterol.  The study also tested the GMO soybean oil against olive oil and found both produced nearly identical increased obesity levels, more than coconut oil…and very fatty livers which was a surprise considering olive oil’s reputation as the healthiest of the vegetable oils.

The takeaway… according to one scientist is to not depend on just one source of oil for your diet… but also that more research was needed to look at effects of the different oils on metabolism.

New research is giving parents more reason to make sure their kids are eating their greens!

A study out of Georgia looked at over 700 otherwise healthy adolescents… and found those who consumed the least vitamin K-1…found in spinach, cabbage and other leafy greens… had a more than three times greater risk for an unhealthy enlargement of the major pumping chamber of their heart.  The study showed those who consumed the least vitamin K-1 had an overall size and wall thickness of the left ventricle significantly greater.  The amount of blood the heart pumped was also significantly lower.

The good news from the study is that getting adequate amounts of vitamin K-1 could improve heart health and reduce future risk.

When was the last time you were in the sauna?  New research is showing you might want to do it a little more often.

A study out of Finland shows that frequent sauna bathing reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure.  In fact, the risk was nearly 50 percent lower among men who had a sauna four to seven times a week, compared to those who had only one a week.  The same researchers previously showed that frequent sauna use can cut the risk of sudden cardiac death as well.  sauna bathing improved endothelial function… which benefits blood pressure.  Saunas also increase sweating… which removes fluid from the body… also benefiting blood pressure levels.

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Finally a study involving a GMO product. Find out what researchers learned about this common GMO cooking oil! Also learn about more evidence to convince your kids to eat their greens, plus added benefits of taking a sauna more often!

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