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Interviewer: Doctor, you specialize in the area of the prostate and prostate cancer. Can you just describe the function of the prostate? What is it's role in our body?

Dr. Phranq D. Tamburri: First of all, it's a gland. And we'll probably talk a little more in another realm, but it's the corollary to the breast with the woman. OK? Which is why it's probably not a coincidence that women tend to get breast cancer, and men with prostate cancer. They're both glands. A gland is basically a structured organ of the body that secretes a hormone. OK? Whatever it might be. The gallbladder, for instance, is a gland and secretes bile. So any type of organ that actually secretes something is known as a gland, and hence, that's what the prostate is. Then the next question is, well, what does the prostate gland secrete? In this case, it's prostatic fluid. So what it does actually is, the prostate is the connection from the penis, which has the urethra to the bladder.  And the tube basically urine goes and collects in the bladder it goes through the prostatic urethra, which is the tube that goes through the prostate and goes out.

So on the surface it looks like it's just this big gland that gets in the way of the urine flowing out. But there's something else. And that is, during an orgasm, the prostate actually acts as the junction for the sperm to make it into the prostatic urethra and for the ejaculate.

So basically it's creating the ejaculate, takes the sperm from the testicles, the sperm goes up the vas deferens from the scrotal sac and enters into the prostate through, what's called the seminal vesicles, which are at the top, and then it dumps the sperm, well, it mixes it with a secretion called prostatic fluid and that creates the semen. So it's prostatic fluid plus the sperm and it makes the semen. And then it holds it there until an orgasm. And then at that point the prostate finally gets into action, and during an orgasm as the nerve, basically the nerve stimulus occurs, the prostate begins to squeeze at the same time that it shuts off the connection from the bladder. So hence, no urine makes it out obviously and so at that moment the prostate directs all the force of the semen in one direction, way out. In essence, that's what the prostate does. 

Interviewer: Okay.
When you hear about the prostate, it's often linked to cancer. But what exactly does the prostate do? Dr. Phranq Tamburri explains the role of the healthy prostate.

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