Where Do Cancer Fundraising Dollars Go? Not Here!

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Scott: How frustrating is it for you and what you do, to see, like you said, the Stand Up to Cancer is this month, and you'll see that all over television.  Next month you'll see pink around every corner, on every TV show, you know, professional football players wearing pink this and that.  I mean those months have become more known for those things than anything else.  And they continue to get so much bigger.  How frustrating do you see those continuing to expand like that, or is that for you?

Robert Wright: Well, it's really frustrating to us.  We see all that money that's raised and it's tens of millions of dollars, you know, every season and sometimes more.  I remember Stand Up to Cancer, they've got everybody involved.  All the major sports organizations, and of course Komen and others do this, the American Cancer Society does this.  They raise hundreds of millions of dollars when the final tallies come in and it just, it just turns your stomach.  It makes me sick to understand that money is really not going to go to the patients.  It's not going to go to the treatments and protocols, the supplements and things that really help people to heal.  The education, the education about healing but also the education about prevention, it doesn't go there.  So we are an organization that's been in existence going on 7 or 8 years now, trying to do the right things for cancer patients and others, and yet we do it with nickels and dimes, is how we do it.  So its the epitome of frustration for us, to sit there and watch all of that money as it funnels into these organizations and it really does very little to help the end user which is the patient.  So yeah, it's very frustrating.


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Raising money for cancer and research is a multi-billion dollar industry. They sell hope for finding a cancer cure. But where exactly, does that money go? You might be surprised at where it's not going! Robert Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute shares his frustration with the never ending pleas to give and the direction that money goes!

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