This Is Why Eating Healthy is So Hard!

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Interviewer: What do you find is the biggest hurdle people face when trying to get their diet back on track? People come in, they like sugar,  they like alcohol, they like all the bad things that you mentioned; what's the hardest thing that people have to do to get back on the right on the right track?

Ann Boroch: I think they need to be their own best friend. First of all, I don't like the word "diet." I certainly have to use it, but because when you look at the word "diet." it associates "all or nothing:." I'm real. I tell people "look, you have one or two days you  blow it, get back on track." Don't go in with that approach. Go in with "let's just go at this and give it the best I can." If some people need to do a slow start, where maybe they would take a week off removing the dairy the next week, they would remove the gluten. The next week, they get rid of that booze, and then they get rid of the sugar. Some people are more kamikaze and they can do it all, but the reality is that most of those cravings that drive them to go back, is that's the yeast saying "feed me." That's why I work with the formula that works with blood sugar, adrenal function and cravings, so it's not just all willpower. That's really what people need to know, is it's usually blood sugar issues and adrenal function that's making those cravings, along with the Candida that makes it so unsuccessful. I'd say take the whip off and stop cracking yourself that you have to be all or nothing. Be your best friend. Understand the elements. Don't look at it as deprivation, because you can always indulge. Look it as  "I'm going to give myself a 30 day window here, to remove infection and inflammation."  People say to me all the time "what does it matter if I take it? I'm going to die anyway!." I say "The difference is how are you going to age? Hopefully with quality. Do you want to be on a plethora of medication, have a chronic disease or have a quality of life?." Now, I can't give you any guarantees, but I can tell you that if you're taking care of the house, you're honoring yourself, making better choices, you're more likely going to age with quality. It's really about being more your best friend when you think about the food, and realize it's still there. When you finally clean up and you commit to that 30, 60, 90 days, whatever you choose to do, then this is the key. You find a new moderate point. The moderate point is not having a glass of wine every night. It might be once or twice a week you indulge. The rest of the week, you eat cleanly. I think that's success.

So many people struggle with a clean, healthy diet. Why is this the case? Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses people's struggles and what is going on inside your body that makes you want to 'cheat'. Understand this and start eating and living better!

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