Why Prostate Cancer is Still A Major Concern

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Interviewer: Prostate cancer is still such a big concern for men, and I think it has been for many years.  Why is that still the case?

Dr. Phranq D. Tamblurri: Why is it still a concern now?  Well, it's actually more so, for two reasons.  One is that men are living longer.  I'm sure you'll hear this over and over.  People live longer, so cancer is catching up to us.  But, furthermore, and this is a critical area with prostate cancer, is that we happened to find two tests that were early warning signs, kind of like the canary in the cage in the coal mine, that we don't have with other types of cancers.  One is a blood test called the PSA.  It's called the Prostatic Specific Antigen, and it's just a blood test.  We find this little enzyme elevated with something affects the PSA.  Now, the problem is that almost anything affects the PSA, and the prostate, which is another issue.  But the PSA is a test that can at least forewarn possible cancer.  We don't have a PSA test for breast cancer, the same way, or pancreatic cancer.  The other test that we have is the DRE, with is the old finger exam.  You know, we have some male nurses that keep our patients from running out of our office because of that test.  Nevertheless, men, it's a good idea to have that done.  The doctor can feel for any palpable nodules that could be a cancer.  Again, you can't do that for the pancreas.  You can't palpate the pancreas, or the gallbladder and feel for cancer.  So, when you have these two tests that are fairly modern, with an aging population of baby boomers, there a bunch of men out there, and they are living longer.  So, now you have a second reason why this cancer seems to be so prevalent and occurring.  But, it's one that men are living longer, so we have it.  But on the flip side, it's that it's being diagnosed more.  A cancer that's always been there, we just didn't recognize it before.


Prostate cancer has been an issue for many years, but despite advances in medicine, it's even more of a concern. Why is that? Dr. Phranq Tamburri discusses prostate cancer, screening and longevity to get to the answer.

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