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Air pollution may be taking a bigger toll on our health than previously thought, especially for certain people.

Accoutering to a study published last week, prolonged exposure to dirty air has a major impact on cognition, and causes a steep reduction in scores on verbal and math tests.  The decline was most noticeable among older, less educated men.  The decline in cognition is also a potential risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The World Health Organization estimates nearly 90 percent of people on earth breath air with high levels of pollutants… the most affected regions are Africa and Asia.

Does when you eat matter as much as what you eat?  It may and it just might help you lose weight according to a new study.

The 10 week study, done in England, split participants into two groups.  One had to delay their breakfast by 90 minutes and have their dinner 90 minutes earlier.  The control group ate meals like they normally would.

The results found those who changed their mealtimes lost an average of more than twice as much body fat as those in the control group.  There were no restrictions on what participants could eat… the findings showed those who changed their mealtimes ate less food than the control, either because of reduced appetite or a cutback in snacking.

However, more than half of the participants said they didn’t think they could maintain the change in mealtime because of their family or social lives.

Finally… a common food additive is being linked to higher blood pressure and pulse rates in healthy young adults.

The study out of Switzerland showed higher levels of phosphates lead to an increase in systolic and diagnostic blood pressure by just over 4 and 3 points, respectively.

Phosphates make processed cheese spreadable… prevent coffee from clumping and help preserve many meat products.  Phosphates are also found in natural foods, but today’s typical diet has an increased amount… often exceeding the recommended daily intake of 700 milligrams.

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A recent study is showing a certain toxin exposes almost 90 percent of the people in the world and is maybe worse for our health than we thought! Also, learn about the difference it might make if you change the time you eat. And another reason to limit certain food additives!

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