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Scott: Doctor, I want to go back to that article you wrote on infant mortality.  The number of vaccines that kids get are increasing by the year.  I know my kids got a lot more than I did.  How much does the mercury in those vaccines add to what you're talking about in that mortality rate in that first year.

David Kennedy, DDS: Enormously. It's part of the... it's part and parcel of the problem.  The, we've become fanatical in this country about injecting children with foreign substances.  And what's in the vaccine, it's not just the mercury.  But there's monkey viruses, there's, there's aluminum, there's squalene, there's all manner of nasty stuff in these vaccines.  The idea behind them is that you're going to give the old immune system a big slap in the face and then it will be looking for the slap next time.  Well, babies don't have an immune system.  So you slap a baby, you did nothing!  You did nothing of value to that baby.  So there's no reason on God's green earth to inject a baby with some horrible substance the day it's born.  And that's the policies of our Center for Disease Control right now, this day, is to hit that baby with some noxious stuff today.  No point in it.


Dr. David Kennedy discusses those early vaccines that are recommended for babies. Find out what is really in those vaccines as well as what the baby's immune system is like at the first stages of life. Find out what Dr. Kennedy thinks of those early vaccines and their usefulness!

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