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More and more is being understood about the bacteria in our digestive systems… now new research is indicating how that good bacteria can be beneficial for your heart.  The research out of London links for the first time… gut bacteria and hardening of the arteries.  The study looked at over 600 middle-aged females and found a significant correlation between the diversity of microbes in the gut and the health of the arteries.

The research also identified specific microbes that were linked to lower risk of arterial hardening.  This information now might be used to target gut bacteria through diet and probiotics to help reduce the risk of heart disease.

And a healthy diet can have far reaching affects on overall health… now a new study is showing how it can influence the risk of hearing loss.  The study out of Boston looked at over 70 thousand women in the Nurses’ Health Study two… who were followed for 22 years.  The study looked at three different diets… the Alternate Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet and the Alternative Healthy Eating Index.  Results showed the women who most closely followed the Mediterranean and DASH diets had about a 30 percent lower risk of moderate or worse hearing loss.

The assessment of hearing loss was self reported in the study and researchers say more research is warranted.

Finally after that information on healthy eating… there is more information on the benefits of fasting.

A study out of Philadelphia indicates that the loss of stem cell function due to age can be reversed with a 24 hour fast.  The research was done on intestinal cells in mice.   As we age… these cells start to lose their ability to regenerate… making it more difficult to recover from certain infections or other conditions.  But in fasting mice cells started breaking down fatty acids instead of glucose, which in turn, stimulated stem cells to become more regerative.

The findings could lead to therapies that might help older people recovering from infections or even cancer patients undergoing chemo.

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