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Interviewer:     We've talked a lot about prostate cancer. Let's go back a
little bit and talk about prevention. What can people do to better their
odds of not getting prostate cancer?

Dr. Phranq D. Tamburri:      I hope not everything sounds like I'm being
tangential but, believe it or not, this is what's so unique about this
field of prostate cancer. It's the assessment. The best thing to do to
avoid getting prostate cancer is not to be biopsied unwarranted. I can't
stress that enough. If we all have cancer in us, than the worst thing you
want is a biopsy that finds one of these mutant cancers. That's the best
way to prevent a problem.

So therefore, to prevent that, you don't trust one PSA. I sound like a
broken record, I know, but that's what it comes down to. So therefore, one
way to prevent it is if you only have one PSA or you think you can only
afford one PSA, don't get a PSA. That in itself is essentially a kind of a
reverse treatment to stopping a cancer that is not really a cancer. And
you'll have more damage from the surgery than anything a cancer will do.

It's a very warped way of looking at this and when you deal with this long
enough, you realize that that in itself is a treatment. Don't get it. Now,
if you're able to have PSA tests over time, that's fine, and if they find
cancer, you know, that's a different story. But further, as far as what
you're asking, more for prevention, one is to, you know; lead a little
healthier lifestyle, of course. Trying to make sure that your sex hormones
are balanced. If you feel that maybe you have emotional swings, maybe look
into that. If you have difficulties sleeping, the melatonin difference can
throw off your hormones as well. It's possible.

Also, for men, this is a really important point, watch taking testosterone.
You know, now the baby boomers all want to be twenty. You can't blame them.
I mean, I still want to be twenty. But, you turn around and you start
pumping up this testosterone. These testosterone clinics. You know its
cheap money for a lot of doctors that are struggling. Cheap money. Baby
boomers want a quick erection and quick libido and age reversal. It's a
match made in prostate cancer heaven, is the way I see it.

Because testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but it can make a
cancer worse once you have it. It's like throwing fuel on a fire. So
therefore, prevention in many ways is to be very vigilant and have a doctor
that really is watching out for you when dealing with androgen treatments.
That includes testosterone and DHEA that you can get over the counter. You
know, people are buying DHEA and I'm not in favor of regulation but they're
buying hormones. They don't know what they're doing. And that could fuel a
cancer that they don't know.

One last point too with exercise is, swimming, hiking, as I said, anything
to open up the pelvic area. And one last point, which is debated, this will
be a nice little coda for you if you want to put on, there are a few
arguments that people have in naturopathic medicine. Most areas of natural
medicine, aside from modalities, but the concept of natural medicine, are
usually always coherent. Everyone agrees that you shouldn't smoke. Or that
exercise is good. It's unanimous. There are a couple of areas we kind of
disagree on. And one is about the role of orgasms. We hear often, are
orgasms good or bad for prostate cancer? As I said, that's what the
prostate does. And so, naturopathic medicine is almost schizoid on this

Because on one hand, [our] roots come from Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese
medicine. And from that root model, they believe that every time a man has
an orgasm, you're actually extinguishing, or losing, what's called part of
your jing, which is your sexual energy. And in Ayurvedic medicine, I
believe they've said for every orgasm you lose three minutes off your life
or something like that. And for some men, we've joked they should be dead
by now.

But at the same time, in all seriousness, on the flip side, the American
view of nature cure says the opposite, which is that stagnation is the root
of chronic disease and you have to keep everything flowing. If your
digestive track is backed up, you're constipated. Toxins. If your emotions
get backed up, you know, obviously holding emotions, you'll have chronic
disease. And some people even claim spirituality. You back up your own
spiritual views or your culture.

That's a loaded issue in itself. But anything, everything needs to flow.
And hence, the same thing here. If the prostate is not flowing in any
manner, then that can cause stagnation, hence ultimately, an increased risk
for prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer has become a big issue for men as they age. What can you do to prevent it? Dr. Phranq Tamburri has some interesting tips for prevention. Find out how certain tests and even orgasms might play into preventing this condition.

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