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Scott: So if we do some of the things we've talked about, in terms of protecting ourselves from EMFs.  And you mentioned that EMFs are cumulative.  Can our bodies repair themselves if we do some of these things and take certain measures.  Can we kind of turn back time in terms of the damage that's been done?

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde: I believe, I wouldn't be sitting here, literally I would not.  I just, you know because I could not go anywhere without doing the things that I've done.  But I liken it and I tell my people who call me, that, it's like, you have a pitcher and it finally gets full after so many years.  And so, once we have these symptoms, we're full.  We can do these things like I do, like wearing my bio dot and grounding, we can bring that back down, so we don't have the symptoms.  But then we're still being dumped into, so it's a constant balancing act of what you need to do to offset the damage of what you're being exposed to today.  And we're already at full.  

In fact I tell them, because we can get symptom free like I did, but I tell them you have to think of yourself as being in ICU for a while.  Just get yourself grounded, spend hours a day grounding, you know, being away from the radiation to bring down your symptoms.  And, I get people symptom free, it's actually been the most rewarding thing I've done in the 50 years I've been in the medical field.  I just, it's... because to turn people around in 24, 48 hours with our dots... you know and.. by the time people call us, so many... and this really concerned but I must admit I felt the same way before I found the answer.  They don't want to live anymore.  They call and they go 'I want you to know I'm ready to kill myself today'.  And I felt that way.  I literally, before I found the answer and I was itching and bleeding for hours, all day, all night, no sleep.  You get to that point.  But when they call and say I'm only calling you because multiple people have given me your name, and say you can help.  But I want you to know, that I'm ready to kill myself.  But we get them this technology... they call in 24 hours... I feel great.  I mean it is that dramatic of a relief.  So we can.  But it's always going to be a balancing game.  It's always going to be that, we need to. 

You know like, in preparation of coming to all this wi-fi now, I went to the beach, in a place that's a quarter mile away from the nearest building, to do a lot of grounding before I came in here.  


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses her recovery from electromagnetic toxins and how she helps others do the same. She talks about how people that are symptomatic, can recover and help their body recover from the exposure

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