Dr. Roizen Explains The Differences Between Omega-3 and Omega-7

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Interviewer: You touched on this a little bit earlier but can you just clarify the difference in terms of benefits between omega-3 and omega-7? How are they different? 

Dr. Michael Roizen: Omega-3 has substantial benefits, especially the DHA form of omega-3 in protecting your eyes against the first phase of macular degeneration and preventing your brain from deteriorating because its got the 'you want to be a fathead' because 60% of your brain is fat and 50% of that fat is DHA. Whether omega-3 is also useful for heart protection as a supplement, we're unclear at this time. It does have some effect in very high doses at lowering triglycerides and at decreasing inflammation. Omega-7 appears much more powerful in decreasing inflammation, and in decreasing triglycerides, and in decreasing the LDL cholesterol, and in improving glucose uptake that is making your insulin molecule more sensitive, and in decreasing hepatic fat than does omega-3. There haven't been, quote, head-to-head studies so what I'm saying is implicit in the data without knowing that from a head-to-head study, per se.


Dr. Michael Roizen discusses the different health benefits of omega-3 and omega-7 supplements. He illustrates some potential similarities in terms of benefits and points out how they are also different.

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