Krill Oil vs Fish Oil: A Simple Explanation

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Interviewer:  A lot of people know, obviously, what fish oil is, what is

Dr. Zchut:  Krill is different from fish oil. Fish oil is triglyceride-
based and krill oil is a phospholipid-based oil. This is a very significant
difference between the two oils. Also, fish oil, again, has been around for
many, many years. By now, it is very synthetic. Actually, during the
process of fish oil, they use very high temperature. They strip the
triglycerides and then (inaudible 00:00:34) the fatty acids after
concentrating them. While krill oil is something that is very close to its
natural source.

It's actually something maybe more in the way of whole foods. It's simply
taking the krill and extracting the oil from it and getting it in a form
that is a lot closer to its form in nature, meaning phospholipids bound to
EPA and DHA as well as triglycerides and also a very powerful antioxidant
called (inaudible 00:01:06).

Interviewer:  Krill contains (inaudible 00:01:08) so why doesn't fish oil
have that and why do we need to focus in on (inaudible 00:01:13)? Why is
that important?

Dr. Zchut:  (inaudible 00:01:15) is, as I said, one of the most powerful
natural antioxidants. Antioxidants were also found to be very important in
our health. Also, keeping all kinds of molecules that can be very harmful
in our body, keeping their level down, they have a natural source in the
krill. They simply don't exist in fish, or at least because of the process
and the way fish oil is extracted and because the process is so, let's say,
as I said synthetic, you don't get any antioxidants with the fish.

While (inaudible 00:01:56) which exists naturally in krill is extracted
with the oil. So you actually have the natural form.

Interviewer:  So you get double the benefit with the krill versus the fish

Dr. Zchut:  True. You have krill oil which gives you, first of all, EPA and
DHA, and second you have the (inaudible 00:02:17).

Dr. Sigalit Zchut explains the differences between krill oil and fish oil. She also explains why krill oil is one of the better antioxidants available and how that differs from fish oil.

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