Little Known Tests Can Change How Cancer is Treated!

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Scott: When you do one of these tests that you talked about, does that, and it comes back obviously showing a cancer, does that change how you can treat then? Obviously you find it early enough, so you don't

Jenny Hrbacek: Oh sure, absolutely!

Scott: don't have to blast it. The treatment can change and it would be easier on the body I would imagine?

Jenny: Absolutely! Absolutely! Sweating is huge. If you go on the internet or go on to... just google 'natural cancer therapies', there are thousands of stories on the internet of people that have cured their cancer with non-toxic therapies. They do ozone, they do sweating, they do intravenous vitamin C, they do all kinds of natural therapies and their body heals and the toxic process stops.

It's very difficult when you have a big tumor to walk away from conventional treatment. I did the second time, when I was told I had the cancer again and they wanted to put me back on chemotherapy. I thought to myself 'wow if I failed therapy once, why would I go back to that?' So I walked away and I believe the RGCC test saved my life. I actually did their nutrient sensitivity testing, which I know is controversial. But I did the nutrients it told me to take. I took IV Vitamin C, I took curcumin, (?), I took everything on that report and my cancer was down to 2.9 from 14.2 in six months. And I love that test because if you're doing an integrative therapy or you go to the Gerson Clinic or you go to one of um, doctor Forsythe, you go to one of these clinics and, or just work with a naturopathic doctor to detox and heal the body, you can send your blood and get an RGCC oncocount and see if it's being effective. If the count number goes up, then you know 'ok, what we're doing here does not work'. If it goes down, you know you're on the right path. Because, I will say, what works for one person does not always work for everyone. So you need tools. But, oh my goodness, why wait for a lump or bump? I just, it's just not a necessary activity and I think it's sad that we're still doing that, in 2015.


Registered nurse Jenny Hrbacek discusses the importance of some little known cancer tests and how they might allow for a safer, natural treatment. She talks about her personal experience with the test and how she was able to treat cancer naturally after failing traditional treatment the first time around.

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