Long Term Damage From Sunburn

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Interviewer: Talk about sunburn and how damaging or dangerous that is and what's actually happening to your skin when you get that.

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin: Well, sunburn is destruction of the epidermis and can be as severe as blistering. There have been studies that show that increased number of sunburns at a lower age--when you're younger--are more likely to lead to melanoma. I think it's very important, not only to guard against skin cancer, melanoma being the scariest, but other more benign forms of skin cancer, but still skin cancer. Basal cells and squamous cells and pre-cancer called actinic keratosis or sun spots. Years and years of sun damage is going to end up more likely to have a sunburn, with sunburn, and with skin cancer.

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Just how bad are sunburns? Dr. Jeanette Jacknin discusses skin damage and what repeated sunburns may result in down the road.

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