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Interviewer:  Let's talk a little about recovery from a run or a marathon.
Are there certain things that you've done that you've found successful? One
thing I've noticed at some of the marathons is chocolate milk, which I
thought was strange. Is that just kind of what your body is telling you, a
craving thing or can you explain that?

Dick:  Chocolate milk, honest to goodness, of all the products that are out
there, a 20-ounce bottle, 16-ounce bottle of chocolate milk after a hard
workout, a hard, long run is one of the best go-to recovery drinks you can
come up with. It's got the carb. It's got the protein in there. It's got
the vitamins and minerals. It tastes good. It really does. I mean, I love
having a chocolate milk after... I had one this morning after a hard run.
It's like the perfect drink out there.

Being an ex-dairy farmer too, [??] milk a little bit, but recovery drinks,
getting something into your system after a marathon, a hard workout, within
a half an hour, preferably 15 minutes after you're done with that kind of a
workout, you're going to recover that much quicker. Then, you've got to
make sure you're getting the proteins in there too, because everybody is
craving carbos after a marathon because they just depleted their supply.

So you want some of that, but then you also make sure you get the proteins
back in there to help build back those muscles that you just got done
tearing down for 26 miles. Well, it's kind of like a little bit of the
puzzle is all put together.

Dick Beardsley was a world-class marathon runner in the 1980's. Here he talks about his favorite way to recover from long runs or any strenuous workout. He suggests chocolate milk, find out why!

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