Vaccines: Medicine or Attempted Murder?

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Interviewer: Ty, you've done a lot of researchinto cancer. Let's talk about vaccines a little bit. Is there a connection? Canwe point to something that connects vaccines and cancer?


Ty: Yeah, great question. I have a weekly radioshow and I just interviewed Dr. Russell Blaylock six days ago, five days ago,and he was, we were talking about the same thing, vaccines, and there arehundreds of studies linking vaccines to cancer. Yeah. I don't have themmemorized off the top of my head but he was talking about lymphomas and theleukemias and the ovarian cancers and the osteo-sarcomas and all thesedifferent cancers that all have been linked to vaccines. So, yeah, there's adefinitive link between the vaccines and the cancers. I mean, what's in thetypical vaccine? You got thimerosal, which is mercury. Mercury has been linkedto all kinds of degenerative disease including cancer. What else is in yourtypical vaccine? 


Interviewer: Well, I think most people would saythey didn't know. They don't know what's in there. 


Ty: Well, yeah. You don't know. 


Interviewer: You know, you don't know all ofwhat's in that shot.


Ty: Right but what we do know, they've gotmercury, most of them have the formaldehyde. Most of them have aluminum as anadjuvant, aluminum which has shown to be immuno-suppressive as well as havinglinks to Alzheimer's disease and cancers. Desiccated bovine erythrocytes, I'veheard, have been placed in many vaccines and the list goes on and on. I mean,if I were to take the typical ingredients in a vaccine and inject them into youright now, you could call the cops and they could throw me in jail forattempted murder. But then they take them and if you put on a white coat andyou prance around and act like you know everything and inject them into achild, then it's medicine. That doesn't make sense to me, not at all. And Dr.Blaylock was talking on the interview that he would like to issue a challengeto - he thinks it should be mandatory as a matter of fact - that the CEO ofevery company that manufacturers vaccines should be forced to take the vaccinethemself before it goes on the market. And he said he'd like to issue achallenge to any doctor, medical doctor and/or CEO to take the vaccine to anadjusted body weight, the equivalent of what they give children. And he says hedoesn't believe he'd have any takers and I agree with him, I don't think he'dhave any takers because they know it's toxic.

Medical researcher Ty Bollinger discusses the link between vaccines and cancer. He points to a number of things that are in vaccines and how toxic they are to the body. Is there a difference between a doctor and someone off the street putting toxins into your body? Listen to what he says!

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