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Q: You're also an expert in sexual health. How common has it become for people to actually finally address that issue and talk about and seek help for it?

A: Yeah, sexual health is kind of the new taboo when it comes to medicine. 50 Shades of Gray, as I'm sure many people know, kind of opened the door for it, so it's much more acceptable for women to come and actually speak about their sexual health. For men you have the Playboys and that kind of stuff, so it makes it kind of more natural, but I'm seeing much more at practice that women are becoming more at the forefront of their sexuality and sexual health. So it is definitely hard to spark the conversation, but if the physician is able to bring it up in a very mutual way and relaxing way, the patient, I've seen myself, tends to go with it, and they open up much more. You don't make it so much as a dysfunction, but something we can enhance. I've had great results with both my male and female patients.

Q: Do you see patients predominantly older, like in their forties, fifties? Is that more common that people talk about those issues?

A: Again, I'm in Miami beach, so some people are coming in for sexual dysfunction, and others are coming in for sexual enhancement. The difference is basically sexual dysfunction is when you have an issue having or performing the act of sex. Sexual enhancement is where you're having good sex, but you want to have the best sex you can have. So I've come to find that people come in for both age ranges for both reasons, but then again it always goes more towards the older population coming in for the sexual dysfunction aspect, and more the twenties and thirty-year-olds coming in for the more sexual augmentation, or I have this term orgasm augmentation. So there's some different angles on it.
Dr. Ivan Rusilko discusses the growing trend of patients seeking help for sexual function and dysfunction issues. He also discusses what kind of patients and issues he most often sees for issues related to sexual health.

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